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Powder Fill/
Ombré Brow
Digital Machine Method
Powder Fill/ Ombré Brow, Digital Machine Method 

Price $625 plus tax. 


Performed using a hand tool. Microblading creates crisp hair strokes for a natural looking result. This treatment is not recommended for very oily skin types. 





Price $625 plus tax.

Performed using a hand tool to shade in the brow completely. The finished brow will heal as though they have been softly powdered. 

Ideal for someone who wants a more dramatic brow. This method works well for oily skin where it is difficult to retain crisp hair strokes. 

Price $675 plus tax

This method creates crisp hair strokes using a digital machine. 


Price $675 plus tax.

Creates a more dramatic brow. Results will last longer than hair strokes. 


Lindsey McAndrews is a true brow expert, with a passion for creating beautiful brows and more than 16 years of training and experience. Since she added microblading to her repertoire Lindsey has become Seattle’s "brow queen.”


Lindsey's training includes:

Study of makeup design at Makeup Designory in Los Angeles, 

A license in Esthetics from Glen Dow Academy,

Certification in microblading by Real Eyes Beauty Group in Dallas, 

Instruction in advanced brow techniques at Natural Look Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in La Jolla, California. 


Her natural eye for brow shaping and her passion for creating the best brow for each individual face allow Lindsey to help clients get the brows they have always wanted. 

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All existing clients of Lindsey McAndrews Brow Studio can schedule touch ups though the front desk at 1-206-790-8695. 

November 2020 UPDATE!!

The release of appointments for new clients is currently on hold as we work through existing client appointments.


We are currently booked through December, but feel free to call in and leave a voicemail to be put on the cancelation list. 

New client appointments for first time microblading (microblading or digital machine) are booked online. Appointments are released via Schedulicity (online scheduling website).


(Updates will be posted on Instagram)

Lindsey is not accepting corrective work that was performed by another artist at this time.

If you have had your brows microbladed or tattooed by another artist and would like your brows touched up by Lindsey please call 1-206-790-8695 to speak with a receptionist. This is done on an individual basis only. 

Lindsey McAndrews Brow Studio

3838 California Ave SW, Seattle 98116

Tel: 206-790-8695

Email: info@lindseymcandrews.com

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Lindsey McAndrews Brow Studio

3838 California Ave SW,

Seattle, WA 98116

Tel: 206-790-8695