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Questions & Answers

What should I avoid before or after my appointment? 

Avoid tanning, alcohol, caffeine, and pain medications before your appointment. 

Discontinue use of Retin A two weeks prior to your appointment. 

No sun exposure, swimming, or excessive sweating for 7-10 days after your appointment. 


What are the aftercare instructions? 

Brows will need to be kept clean and dry for 7-10 days after your appointment. Avoid sun, swimming, and excessive sweating. 

Specific aftercare instructions for your skin type will be given to you during your appointment. 


How long will my new brows last? 

This varies from person to person depending on skin type, environmental factors, and the micropigmentation technique you choose during your appointment. 

Touch ups are generally needed between 6-18 months to keep your brows looking their best. 


Will I need to wear makeup on my brows after my treatment? 

During the 7-10 day healing process you need to keep makeup off of the brow area. 

After your brows have healed you are welcome to apply makeup. While micropigmentation will make your morning routine much quicker and easier it is best to think of it as "low maintenance" not "no maintenance". 


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